Chasing Evel Premieres in Kelowna

Film premieres in filmmaker's hometown, via

A local filmmaker’s emotional glimpse into the impact growing up in a famous fathers shadow has will premiere in Kelowna this fall.

Chasing Evel is the emotional story of legendary Evel Knievel’s son, Robbie. His father was an icon, his father was a tyrant, his father never let him out of his shadow, a media release from the production team says.

Chasing Evel was made by award-winning Kelowna filmmaker Adam Scorgie and will premier in his hometown Sept. 14. His past work includes “The Culture High,” “The Ice Guardians,” and “Inmate #1: The Rise of Danny Trejo". It was directed by Jesse James Miller of “The Good Son Life - The Life of Ray ‘Boom Boom’ Mancini” and “Becoming Redwood".

“All Robbie Knievel wanted was to carry on the family name, the Knievel legacy, and he has,” a media release says of Chasing Evel. “In legendary fashion, Robbie Knievel followed perfectly in his father’s footsteps, smashing every jump record his father left behind, cleaning up all the jumps his father crashed and burned on and pushing the limits farther than anyone ever had done. Any father would be proud…except for Evel Knievel.”

With more than 350 professional jumps and over 20 world records, you would think there isn’t much left for Robbie Knievel to accomplish.

“You name it. I’ve jumped it,” he says in the release, which hints at his dark past, trouble with the law and battle with alcoholism.

“At 52 years old, sleeping and living in a motor home, 3 DUI’s broken body, heart closed, he’s finally sober,” the release says. “For the first time since he was 18, he’s cleaning up after another brush with the law. He’s determined to step out of his father’s shadow.”

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