Famous Son: Robbie Knievel's Peronal Pursuits

It's Butte, Montana's famous son. The Montana Standard's interview with Robbie Knievel, and the creators of Chasing Evel, captures the personal depth this documentary achieves.

Knievel said he has seen the film.

“I thought it was kind of dark,” said Knievel, 55, in a phone interview from Las Vegas with The Montana Standard on Friday.

When asked whether sharing intimate details of his life in front of the camera was difficult, Knievel said he didn’t have many qualms about it.

“It’s the truth. It’s simple,” said Knievel. “We live in a world of flesh and blood.”

He described his father as a compassionate man, but also someone who was tough.

“He was a good dad, even though he hit me with a stick sometimes,” said Knievel.

He added that a lot of dads drank in the era in which he grew up, especially in a rough-and-tumble town like Butte.

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