One of Newsweek's Best Documentaries of 2016

"Ice Guardians asks viewers to accept this premise: Hockey enforcers—players known for fighting opponents and defending their teammates—are good for the game. Not only that but they help prevent cheap shots and dangerous plays that do more damage than fisticuffs. The reason: If players know they will have to face off with a fearsome fighter, they will be less likely to play dirty.

While I may not be 100 percent convinced of that claim, this doc itself is very well done and makes a forceful case. It certainly made me see enforcers in a different light, as underdogs willing to do a very difficult job to support their teammates, one for which they certainly suffer. Whether or not you agree with the premise, there’s much more to digest here. In examining the role of enforcers, one cannot help but question basic concepts such as character, loyalty and fairness. Highly recommended viewing for any hockey or sports fan." —Douglas Main



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