Micks MMA Review of The Good Son

"A fascinating look at the life and times of former world lightweight champion, Ray ‘Boom Boom’ Mancini. Mancini has a fascinating backstory. And who like many other fighters, had a tough upbringing. With both his father and brother being highly regarded in the world of boxing.

Mancini had all the characteristics and qualities of a superstar in the making. As he followed his older brother into the sport, he always had his eye on the prize of a world championship. Even at 11 years of age, telling his father Lenny he would capture the world title for him.

As his career progressed, Ray soon began to outshine his older brother. Who while having all of the tools needed to reach the top. Didn’t have the same level dedication to the sport. After the mills at Youngstown Ohio closed for good. Lenny Junior returned to the sport, saying he had some unfinished business. It was the spark that truly ignited Ray’s desire, as brother Lenny helped elevate his skills inside the ropes."

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