The Culture High: A Smart Doc That Goes Above and Beyond Its Subject Matter

A Smart Doc That Goes Above and Beyond Its Subject Matter, by Adam Bowling of I Devour Movies.

These days the legalization of marijuana has become a much buzzed about topic, so needless to say there are a lot of movies, tv shows, internet articles, etc. that are devoted to the subject. It is rare when one of these actually strikes a chord and the documentary The Culture High does just that. I will keep my own views on the subject to myself as to show no bias towards one side or the other, though the film does not, ie, it is very pro legalization.

The Culture High features interviews with a myriad of people, ranging from former police officers, doctors, comedians, and of course, Snoop Dogg. Each give their own perspective on cannabis and the effects of its prohibition and possible legalization in the U.S. and across the world. As I said, you will hear a very pro argument from each of these people but nearly each one states their case intelligently. But one thing the film does is not only shed a light on the hypocrisy of marijuana prohibition, it also shines the light bright on government corruption and how everything basically boils down to money.

The best part of the film is the vast array of people interviewed for it. My favorites were Ed Burns, the former Baltimore police officer who helped create the tv series The Wire and The Corner, and Joe Rogan, comedian and commentator for UFC. Both give a common sense type take on the subject, with Burns being more analytical and Rogan more comedic. The several doctors interviewed are also fascinating, debunking a lot of myths about the plant. There is also a heartbreaking story from a father with a 7 year old son who has epilepsy and medicinal cannabis is the only thing that has been able to help him after being prescribed over 20 medications, at one time. My only real gripe with the film is the inclusion of Snoop Dogg. Don't get me wrong, I love the guy, but he seems to be in the film only because of his reputation and doesn't offer any real words of wisdom, unlike other musicians interviewed, such as B Real from Cypress Hill and Wiz Khalifa.

I think this is a great documentary for everyone to watch, even those who are staunchly against legalization. It may not sway your thoughts, but it should at the very least make you think. For those on the fence or are righteously in favor of it being legal, it still has a lot to offer. It is a very well made film and does the one thing that all good docs must do, it is effective.

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