The Culture High Review - NP Approved

Derek Deskins reviews The Culture High for Next Projection:

We have been conditioned to generalize. We hear a word that immediately conjures an image in our mind, and as a consequence of this, marijuana users tend to get a pretty bad rap. They are branded stoners and potheads, those labels carrying loads of stigmatization. Their illustrations are colored with shades of laziness, shown as drags on society and giggling idiots whose only aspirations are to snag the largest bag of Doritos. But typifying a marijuana user is about as simple as typifying an American. While the largest user base is indulging in a recreational manner, there is a growing contingent utilizing the budding plant as a medical way to achieve some form of normalcy. The Culture High recognizes the complications of this drug and its associated issues, plumbing the depths of the discussion to enlightening levels.

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