In depth review from Douglas Main in Newsweek:

Film producer Adam Scorgie used to be against marijuana, and as a kid growing up in Canada he tended to believe governmental warnings that cannabis was dangerous. That’s part of the reason he initially decided to make the documentary The Union: The Business Behind Getting High in 2007—to prove to his friends that weed wasn’t good for you.

But he soon found he was wrong about pot, and that pro-marijuana film garnered mostly favorable reviews. It also received so much feedback and support that Scorgie and his team started a Kickstarter campaign to fund another film digging deeper into the debate about marijuana legalization. Fans answered, with nearly 3,500 backers putting up a total of $240,000.

Four years after Scorgie and his team began, they screened their finished documentary The Culture High in Reykjavik, Iceland (the first screening outside of Canada) to a sold-out audience, with many laughs and more than a few teary eyes.

The Culture High makes a convincing argument that certain interests stand to gain from the continued war on marijuana, like pharmaceutical companies, private prisons and the police, who get much of their funding from asset seizures stemming from weed arrests.

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