The Fight City's Review of The Good Son

“The Good Son succeeds at effectively portraying the major events in Ray Mancini’s life because it gets so close to those who played a part in its stark storylines. By coming together in search of communion and reconciliation, Mancini and the Kim’s gain the chance to heal and put the past, finally, behind them, where it belongs. This doesn’t mean leaving the memory of Duk-Koo Kim behind, but instead strengthening it and paying homage, through remembrance and understanding.” –Rafael García

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Film Snobbery: Tough Guy - The Bob Probert Story

On July 5, 2010, legendary NHL tough guy Bob Probert collapsed on his boat on Lake St. Clair, near Windsor and died of a heart attack. He was only 45 years old.

Bob was on his third glass of coke and eighth pill of OxyContin that day. He’d routinely take the two together to deal with his aching body. Seventeen years as the NHL’s toughest enforcer had taken its toll. As the undisputed, “heavyweight champ,” he finished his career fifth in all-time penalty minutes. He averaged 40 brutal, bare-knuckled hockey fights a year.

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Movie Review: Read Junk

Tough Guy: Bob Probert Story is great documentary about one of the toughest hockey players of all-time. If you’re a hockey or sports fan, this is something to watch if you can because it shows his roller coaster of a career, and his post-hockey life as well. It’s hard to defend fighting in hockey after this that’s for sure.

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